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Savings accounts to suit you

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Online Savings Accounts

Our dedicated range of eSaver accounts allow you to open, make deposits and withdrawals exclusively online through our savings portal, Mansfield Online.

View Online Savings Accounts products View Online Savings Accounts products

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Regular Savings

Saving regularly each month allows you to put money aside for something special or a rainy day.

View Regular Savings products View Regular Savings products

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Cash ISAs

ISA stands for Individual Savings Account and offers the benefit of tax free savings. You can pay up to £20,000 into your ISA in the current tax year.

View Cash ISAs products View Cash ISAs products

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Fixed Rate Bonds

A fixed rate bond allows you to save a lump sum knowing that the interest rate will remain the same for the duration of the account term.

View Fixed Rate Bonds products View Fixed Rate Bonds products

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Easy Access Accounts

Easy access accounts allow you to freely access your savings without penalty.

View Easy Access Accounts products View Easy Access Accounts products

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Children's Accounts

At The Mansfield we offer a range of account options that allow you to save on a child’s behalf or help encourage children to learn the value of savings.

View Children's Accounts products View Children's Accounts products

Local and Loyal Accounts

If you’re an existing member with at least one year’s continuous membership or a local resident of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire or South Yorkshire then we have savings accounts exclusively available to you.

View Local and Loyal Accounts products View Local and Loyal Accounts products

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Notice Accounts

With a notice account, you will need to give us advanced notice of your intention to access your money and in return, you are likely to get a higher rate than you would with one of our easy access accounts.

View Notice Accounts products View Notice Accounts products

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Community Savers

With our Community Saver accounts, you benefit from a range of savings options to suit your needs and we will make an additional contribution to our Charitable Trust.

View Community Savers products View Community Savers products

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Groups and Charities

We offer accounts for clubs, associations and registered charities to help community groups make the most of their money.

View Groups and Charities products View Groups and Charities products

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Business Accounts

For businesses looking to save, we are able to offer accounts ideal for putting cash to work to help with periodic business expenses such as VAT, corporation tax or utility bill payments.

View Business Accounts products View Business Accounts  products

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SIPP Trust Accounts

SIPP stands for Self Invested Personal Pension and is a type of personal pension plan that has a flexible approach to investments.

View SIPP Trust Accounts products View SIPP Trust Accounts products

Understanding Savings

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