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We have 4 products available

Our dedicated range of eSaver accounts allow you to open and operate your account online, including making deposits and withdrawals through our savings portal, Mansfield Online.

Our range of online savings accounts give you the flexibility to manage your savings securely whenever and wherever you want. Mansfield Online uses two factor authentication within the login process to help protect your account.

To open one of our eSaver accounts online, there is an Apply Online link within each eSaver product webpage that takes you directly to Mansfield Online. From here, simply follow the instructions to apply for your eSaver account.

Once you’ve completed the application process and it has been approved by us, you will receive a letter within 3 working days containing your unique User ID and an activation key to get you started.

If you’d like to know more about how Mansfield Online works, we have a page of frequently asked questions that can help.

Browse our range of eSaver accounts below and start your online savings with us.

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Fixed Rate eBond until 31 July 2026 (8th issue)

Minimum Balance £1,000 +
Interest Rate (AER1/Gross2) 4.30%
Interest Payable Annually on 31 December and on 31 July 2026
Withdrawals No withdrawals or early closure allowed
Access Online only

eSaver 180 (2nd issue)

Minimum Balance £1,000 +
Interest Rate (AER1/Gross2) 4.60%
Interest Payable Annually on 31 December
Withdrawals Withdrawals, closure or transfers are subject to 180 days written notice
Access Online only

eSaver 180 Day Notice Cash ISA (2nd issue)

Minimum Balance £500 +
Interest Rate (AER1/Gross2) 4.60% tax free^
Interest Payable Annually on 5 April
Withdrawals Withdrawals or closure subject to 180 days written notice or the loss of 180 days interest
Access Online only

Regular eSaver 30 (1st issue)

Minimum Balance £10 per month +
Interest Rate (AER1/Gross2) 4.50%
Interest Payable Annually on 31 December
Withdrawals Withdrawals or closure are subject to 30 days notice.
Access Online only

1. AER

AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year. AERs on the Monthly Income account assume interest is added to the account each month although in practice the option to have interest added in this way is not available.

2. Gross Rate

The gross rate is the contractual rate of interest payable without tax taken off.
If separate AER/Gross rates are not quoted, both rates are identical.

^Tax Free

Tax free means exempt from UK income and capital gains tax in the hands of the investor.

Understanding Savings

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