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Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is a name checking service which helps reduce instances of fraud. It gives you greater confidence that your payments are being sent safely to the intended person or business.

How does it impact payments to my account?

Payments to your savings or mortgage account

When you or someone else tries to send money to your account with The Mansfield, a confirmation check takes place. If the paying bank/building society is also part of the Confirmation of Payee scheme, they’ll check to make sure the details entered match those on your account.  For more information, see ‘What will I see?’ below.

How do I make a payment?

When you’re setting up a new payment or amending an existing payment, the Payee Details are checked. So, when you send money electronically to your savings or mortgage account with The Mansfield, it’s important that you include the following account details:

Payee: This is the name on the account with us, i.e. the name of the person or the business you are trying to pay.  For example, John Smith OR JS Properties Ltd
Sort code: 20-55-70
Account Number: 10613185
Roll or Reference Number*: This is your 8-digit Mansfield Building Society Account Number.

*Roll/Reference Number is your account number with The Mansfield.  It’s an 8-digit number which is unique to you and MUST be provided.  You can find this number in your passbook, on your online savings portal or on your mortgage statement or offer letter.

What will I see?

CoP is an additional step in the payment process to ensure you’ve checked the Payee details. When you’re ready to send your payment to your account with us you will see one of the following responses:

Match – the name on the account matches and you can continue with the payment if you’re happy to do so.

Close Match – the name on the account is not an exact match. It could be an abbreviated name or perhaps a spelling mistake. If you recognise the closely matched name, you can choose to continue or double check the payee details before continuing with the payment.

No Match – the payee’s name details don’t match the name on the account. It’s very important that you double check the payee’s details to make sure you’re sending funds to the right place. You can still make the payment, but if you are in any doubt, don’t continue.

A name match may not be possible if:

  • funds are being sent to an account that you’ve recently opened with us. It can take up to 48 hours for the new account details with us to appear within the CoP name checking system.
  • the ‘No Match’ message is displayed before the sender is asked for Secondary Reference Data (SRD) – the account number with The Mansfield (Roll or Reference number). Some banking services providers run their CoP check before SRD can be provided – which is needed for the details to match.
Why is the Barclays Name and/or Logo displayed?

When receiving a name match response, you may see Barclays Bank Plc (or their logo) is displayed and not Mansfield Building Society (or our logo).  This isn’t anything to worry about.  It’s because all money transfers are processed through our Head Office Collection Account with Barclays Bank which we have to have as The Mansfield isn’t a clearing bank with its own Sort Code.  The correct sort code (20-55-70), account number (10613185) and your name, should all be displayed.

What if I’m paying into a joint account?

You’ll only need to enter the full name of one of the account holders.

Paying into a new account with us?

A name match may not be possible if you’re sending funds to an account that you’ve recently opened with us, as it can take up to 48 hours for the new account details with us to appear within the CoP name checking system. So please try again later.

Can I opt out of Confirmation of Payee?

You can’t opt out of the checks when you make a payment to someone else. However, you may be able to stop your own details being checked when other people try to pay money to your Mansfield account.

The purpose of the CoP service is to protect you and your money from fraudsters and scammers. It’s also there to ensure your payment goes to the correct person.  That’s why there are very limited circumstances where we would consider a request to opt out of the service.

If you’ve opted out, people who try sending you money won’t be able to get reassurance that they’ve entered your correct details. They may receive a message stating that their bank was unable to confirm your details.

If you’d like to opt out, you’ll need to complete a Confirmation of Payee Request Form, which you can download here.  You can also ask for a form in branch or call us on 01623 676336 to request one.  Once we get your completed form, we’ll review your request and the reason(s) you’ve given for wanting to opt out and let you know the outcome within one month. You’ll be opted out of all accounts you hold with The Mansfield in your own name.

If you’re named on any accounts with other account holders (e.g. a joint account), they will remain within CoP until all account holders have opted out by completing a Request Form. If they do this, they’ll also be opting out for any accounts they hold with The Mansfield in their own name.

Please note, we’ll only agree to opt out requests in exceptional circumstances.

If you have opted out of CoP, you can opt back in at any time by completing the Confirmation of Payee Request Form and confirming that you would like to opt back into CoP.


Help protect yourself against fraud.

Please only make payments if you’re satisfied it’s going to the correct account and a genuine payee. Don’t feel pressured into making a payment, especially if there’s a “No Match” result.

Also, please get in touch with us straight away and let us know if you think you may have been targeted as part of a scam or have any concerns.  You can also contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit

Further information about how to protect yourself from fraud can be found on our Fraud Prevention and Fraud Awareness webpages.




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