Annual General Meeting

At the Mansfield Building Society our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is not just a formality, it’s our opportunity to connect with members in a way that only a mutual building society can. We’re owned by our members and the AGM allows them to have their say by asking questions directly to the Board and voting on key matters.

This year, our AGM took place on Thursday 27 April 2023 at 4pm at Mansfield Library and the voting results are displayed below. The full minutes from our 2023 AGM will be published on our Corporate Information page after formal approval later in May.



Voting Results from our 2023 AGM

Resolution Total votes for Total votes against Total votes withheld % of votes in favour
To receive the Directors’ Report, Annual Accounts and Annual Business Statement for the year ending 31 December 2022 1,818 28 16 98.5%
To appoint MAZARS LLP as auditors 1,773 68 21 96.3%
To approve the DIRECTORS’ REMUNERATION REPORT 1,644 178 40 90.2%
To re-elect NICHOLAS PAUL BAXTER 1,736 100 26 94.6%
To re-elect COLIN GEORGE BRADLEY 1,744 93 25 94.9%
To re-elect ALISON JOAN CHMIEL 1,740 100 22 94.6%
To re-elect RACHEL HAWORTH 1,748 91 23 95.1%
To re-elect DANIEL GLYN JONES 1,734 100 28 94.5%
To re-elect LUCY JANE McCLEMENTS 1,744 89 29 95.1%
To re-elect KEITH GEORGE MCLEOD 1,729 106 27 94.2%
To re-elect PAUL CLIFFORD WHEELER 1,739 96 26 94.8%


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