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Whether it’s changing your name, your account details, or adding a partner as an account holder, you can find answers to queries below. If you can’t find an answer to your query, try our answers to mortgage borrower frequently asked questions or enquire online.

Show FAQ - Changing my personal details

To change your name and address detail we must have the necessary legal documents and authorised signature(s).

Please complete the Change of Personal Details Form and return/send by email to with the required documentary evidence.

Change Documentation Required
Marriage / Civil Partnership Marriage / Civil Partnership certificate
Divorce / Dissolved Civil Partnership Decree Absolute / Dissolution Order
Deed Poll / Statutory Declaration Deed Poll / Statutory Declaration
Address One of the following:

  • Utility Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Council Tax Bill

Show FAQ - Letting out my property

If your circumstances change and you need to temporarily let your home, you will need our agreement. You can do this by completing the Proposed Tenancy Application Form and email it to us at


If you do not intend to move back into the property, you may need to request a remortgage to a Buy To Let mortgage, complete the simple enquiry form, and we can look into it for you.

Or alternatively, call our Direct Sales team on 01623 676345.

Show FAQ - Adding or removing an account holder

If you want to remove or add a name to your mortgage you will need to contact our Direct Sales team. You can do this by completing the simple enquiry form or by calling our Direct Sales team on 01623 676345.

Show FAQ - How do I change my mortgage payment date or method of payment?

1. Changing the account you pay from
Please complete and send us a new direct debit mandate. This needs to be received by the Society by 10th of the month for the payment due on 25th. Any mandates received after 10th will be set up for the following month.

2. Change your payment date
Unfortunately, we only have one direct debit collection date of 25th, however you can change the method of payment and pay on a different date.

3. Change my payment method
If you want to change your payment method, please see ‘How do I make a mortgage payment?’ from the Managing My Mortgage page.

Please note that a payment needs to be received within each calendar month. You will also need to cancel your direct debit. If your payment changes during the term of your mortgage you will need to amend the standing order amount at your bank.

If the full payment is not received within the correct month, it will show as late on your credit file.

Show FAQ - Can I change my mortgage to Interest Only/Repayment or extend my mortgage term?

You can request to convert your mortgage to Interest Only or from Interest Only to Repayment by completing and sending the Contract Variation Request Form.

You will also need to complete and send the Income & Expenditure Form.

The following supporting documents will also be required:

  • Copies of the latest 3 Months/6 weeks’ payslips
  • Most recent set of financial accounts (If self-employed)
  • Copies of your most recent 3 months bank statements for all current accounts
  • A copy of your Benefit entitlement letter if appropriate

You can also use the same process as above to apply to Extend or Reduce your Mortgage Term.

On receipt of these details, we will review your request and contact you if we want to discuss further.

Or alternatively, call our Direct Sales team on 01623 676345.

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