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Affordability Calculator

All fields are mandatory unless otherwise specified. To help us improve our customer service to you, we do monitor information entered. For more information, please contact us or see our Privacy Policy. Help in calculating your client’s affordability is available on 01623 676360 or

NEW: Follow-on Discounted Rate for prime and Versatility products

All prime residential, Shared Ownership and Versatility mortgages now revert to a Follow-on Discounted Rate after the initial fixed or discounted rate period.

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Is this a single or joint application?

What type of mortgage are you looking for?

Will there be a dependent partner resident at the property?

Number of financial dependents

The number of dependents who will be resident at the property but are not working or are not self supporting.

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For discounted purchases e.g. Under a Right to Buy or Shared Ownership use full (NOT discounted) property valuation.



Customer Finances

Main applicant

This should be your gross yearly income before the deduction of income tax or national insurance.


This should include any pension income , dividends, bonus, commission, overtime, shift allowance, employment allowances and car allowance. Any guaranteed bonus, commission, overtime or allowances will need to be confirmed in writing by the employer in addition to payslip/P60 evidence.


This can include any regular additional income that is not guaranteed. This could include bonus, commission, overtime, dividends, rental income, employment allowances or car allowance.

We will anticipate, using the data provided by the Office for National Statistics, your average monthly outgoings based on the national averages applicable to age, dependents and property value. To allow us to provide a more accurate assessment please include the following:


Include personal commitments for nursery/school/university fees, personal loans, maintenance payments, hire purchase agreements, Shared Ownership rental payment, Equity Loan payments and where the mortgage is interest only the payment associated with the chosen repayment strategy


This is the total balance that is not paid in full each month. For current overdrafts include the average amount over the last 3 months.

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